Gut Check captures my view

Ok, it's been awhile since a Link to The Om Field has been posted, but the man can write and captures most fans feelings.

Once again as I read through the various "blogs" on the day after my sentiment is best captured when reading The Om Field.

A well rounded bunch of quick hits taken from his lap top during the game:

• offensive line can’t get started. Doesn’t matter if against 4 down linemen of pass pro, or trying to open running lanes for Portis/Betts, Skins OL looks sluggish, like they’ve left too much of themselves on the field the past 4 weeks.

• simply godawful punting.

• dropped INT’s could be story of game.

• false starts - tired legs? concentration?

• fluke TD on Kendall fumble; if Skins lose this will be play of game. Shit happens.

Key points and thoughts captured as he read the message boards:

• I'll be honest ... today was about a team unable to sustain the intensity it had for four straight weeks. The OL was sluggish and a step slow all day and the Rams took advantage of it. Give them credit. Throw in a fluke TD against and two dropped gift INT's that were potential game-changers, and that was enough.

Those looking for signs of the apocalypse will see this as the team getting exposed as a fraud.

Those willing to wait a week or two before doing that can look at this one and understand why it could have happened, and maybe even take a little solace in the fact the team kept slugging until the end, and but for a clutch 49-yarder against them at the end, would have stolen a win in a game they played about as poorly on one side of the ball as a good team can.

• Way I see it, the Skins paid the price today for leaving it all on the field the last four weeks. It was inevitable they'd have a flat game at some point. It showed glaringly in the play of the OL, who seemed a step slow and sluggish all day.

Yet even while playing uninspired offensive football, having a fluke TD against totally change the complexion of the game, dropping two potential game-changing gift INT's, getting concentration-lapse penalties that killed drives and generally just having everything to wrong a team possible can, they still led with 2 seconds to go and a 49-yard FG attempt facing the opponent.

Creative and personal point:

Way I see it, the only thing we really learned yesterday is that the 2008 Redskins are not quite good enough yet to overcome multiple turnovers and lost opportunities (three coughed up plus two dropped INT’s), anywhere from 10-20 in point-swing as a direct result, and an inconsistent, sometimes tired looking offense, and still win.

and getting down to the point, the game is over it's time to move forward with a focus on the Browns, who with any luck will roll over the Giants tonight.

If the Redskins are the solid, up and coming team I still believe they are, they will come out with bad intentions next week, take care of business against the visiting Cleveland Browns and yesterday will become just a pothole in the rear view mirror.

If they are not that team, and largely beat themselves again against a lesser opponent … well, let’s cross that bridge if and when we come to it.

Coach said “stay medium.” That applies even more after self-inflicted losses than it does transformative wins.

Say's it about all, early season polls had the Redskins going 9-7 or 8-8 scratching for a playoff spot.  The team is still that team, not a dominate Ranked #1 per Jeff Sagarin, who has moved them to the # 4 team, still not bad for a rookie head coach with a team learning new offense, Jeff Sagarin USA today Rankings

HTTR: Go Team

- New punter?

-New running back?

Always searching for a way to win, the smart money is still on the Zorn hire!

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