Medium: An attitude?


We haven’t accomplished ANY of our goals yet,” he said. “We just won our last game…. We should feel like we’re the crowning glory, because it’s not like that at all.” So far, it seems like his attitude is taking hold.

Matt Terl, aka Yertle the Turtle, over at "the official washington Redskins Blog, TORB:  Keyed everyone into the teams attitude as explained by Dan Steinberfg on the D.C. Sports blog  it seems that Jim Zorn has coached the Redskins team into being "Medium"

Zorn is grilling medium.

"That's one of his wiiiild words," Jason Campbell noted. "Keep Medium. I've never heard 'Keep Medium;' I've always heard "Stay level" and "Stay low key about things," but his word is 'medium.' "

"We just need to continue to get better," Chris Cooley said. "We kind of have to stay medium here, not get too high on what we're doing, and just get back to work."

"We keep getting better and better each week," Ladell Betts said. "We are getting better as an offense every week, and we continue to get better. But we have to stay medium there. We can't get too high on what we're doing right now."

"Everyone was down on us after the first game, and we understand now we're a team that people are gonna talk about," Campbell himself said. "At the same time we have to keep a level head, we have to stay medium about this, because when you start winning games, teams start to focus on you more, they start to understand. So when you step in that stadium next week they know that you're a team that's gonna come to play and they're gonna heighten their awareness."

The story goes on to quote Matt Hasselbeck on the "medium" attitude, but when did medium become an attitude and is it a good thing to embrace as a NFL football team?

The always reliable Wikipedia describes "medium" as having to do with Communication, Economics, Education, Measurement, Natural Science and Paranormal all of which could play a role in a succesful or unsucceful NFL team but none which directly relate to an "attitude"

 Marketing describes a medium attitude as a neutral attitude which can be developed into a positive buying attitude when understanding is provided'

Where this was all going when the post started is no where near where we are quickly the aspects of a NFL team where every game matters but is a 17 week test of will and skill it appears the long time phrase still holds true.  " take each game as they come, one at a time and  week to week" 

An aspect of coaching, which is forgotten because it all appears to be about "X"s and "O"s seems Zorn has provided the steadfast approach which can bring long and lasting success...HAIL to the Dynasty before it is crowned.

But wait we too as fans must adopt the "medium attitude", as clearly explained in 'deju-vu' piece by Rich Tandler's Real Redskins Is 3-1 déjà vu or something new?

The best action get "MEDIUM"

The advice here is enjoy what's happening now but take a deep breath, relax, and wait another month to see if we have something truly special here or if it's a rerun from seasons past.


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