eBaying Redskins safari!

An occasional stop by eBay reveals excellent, well-priced Redskins related memorabilia. Sometimes, not so much. Either way...

Exhibit A:

And here we go:

Check out this unique and fun way to celebrate the Washington Redskins.
This purse, made from recycled jeans,measures 10.5" tall x 14" wide x 3" deep.  The straps drop 11" from the shoulder to fit comfortably under your arm.
The exterior has four fully functional pockets to keep your keys, cell phone, ipod, etc. handy.  There's even a secret pocket in the fly!  It's embellished with Redskins appliques, gold fabric sash, gold & red beads and a football bead.
The interior is lined in maroon and has a zip pocket for your "personal stuff".  It closes with a magnetic snap.
My customers love their purses!  Check my feedback for some great reviews.
I do custom purses and totes too; sports teams or whatever theme you're into~~just ask!
Bid today for yourself or the Redskins fan in your life.
I'm not sure what a "recycled" jean is except for one that's been worn by someone else, meaning the goodies in your bag came dangerously close to where someone else's goodies previously were. If that won't sway you from purchasing the bag, then you probably won't be deterred from the apparent fashion faux pas of making purses out of jeans, per a reliable source: "That's some 1985 nonsense" - Skin Patrol's girlfriend

Anyways, as of this moment there are ZERO bids with an opening price of $24.99 ($7.25 shipping). For that special lady in your life who doesn't yet have someone else's pubic lice, this bag is a must for the upcoming NFL season.

Exhibit B:

I don't actually have a problem with this item, as I could definitely see my front yard (which I don't have by the way) with a giant Redskins stone out front. Question to reader(s): Does it look too much like a giant turd?

Zero bids for 14.85 ($11.50 shipping). BUY IT NOW for $19.80.

Exhibit C:

This is cool. Posted in honor of the upcoming Transformers movie, as I was raised on the damn things. Redskins truck reminds me of Optimus Prime only even badder (as if that were possible -- he has the Matrix). I might actually purchase this myself. Hence, not listing prices. Er...

It costs $2,000 dollars. Nothing to see here.

Exhibit D:

Single? Probably if you think this is a good gift idea for that special someone, though maybe that's just me being cynical. I'm in a relationship with a Dallas Cowboys fan and cannot imagine tricking her into these earrings.

Zero bids on this $4.50 jewelery, though if you really want to break the piggy bank you can BUY IT NOW for $4.95. Also, ships out so fast that you will be "amazed".

Update [2007-5-25 15:1:50 by Skin Patrol]: This, on the other hand, might make a great gift for that special someone:
Exhibit E:

Having trouble catching anything? 1) Check to make sure you aren't Brandon Lloyd. 2) If not Brandon Lloyd, maybe you just aren't using the right kind of lure? So try this:

Designed to please that discriminating NFL fan whether a Pike, Bass, Musky or a very fanatical Sucker.
Methinks someone is having fun at Redskins' fans expense. Us? Suckers? Super Bowl or bust, bitches.
Made in Wisconsin by Green Bay Lure Engineering.
Alright, alright... $5.95 or $6.95 if you buy now, $2.95 shipping.

Finally, this is the business right here:

Sage Rosenfels 2001 rookie card!!!!!! Sorry reader(s), this one is mine. I just placed a $3.47 bid on this masterpiece, though if you guys ask really nicely I may award it to a lucky Hogs Haven faithful in some kind of pancake making contest. Stay tuned for details.

eBay is teh awesome.

Update [2007-5-25 15:3:9 by Skin Patrol]: I was just outbid on Sage Rosenthels, though I'm not giving up. Will keep you posted.
DC Sports Bog, Get Your Redskins Unmentionables
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