David Macklin a Redskin

Hat tip: Extreme Skins.

Per The World Wide Leader David Macklin is a Washington Redskin:

Sometimes, the voice of Joe Gibbs can have a great impact.

That had to be the case Thursday when Gibbs, head coach of the Washington Redskins, talked Cardinals cornerback David Macklin into accepting a one-year deal with the Redskins over three more lucrative deals with other teams. Macklin agreed to a one-year, $760,000 deal Thursday.

That's kind of amazing. 760K is league minimum for the 7 year veteran, meaning he qualifies for the Veteran League Minimum exemption. He will cost the team just 430K in '07 (unless I'm missing something). Surprising since the Chiefs, Saints, and Eagles apparently offered him more money (they couldn't offer any less!). The Chiefs especially sweetened the deal with a two year contract.

Still more surprising since he took a paycut just to compete against Fred Smoot, Shawn Springs, and Carlos Rogers for playing time. And while I fully expect Shawn Springs to suffer injury next year, David Macklin still needs to be tough for PT in '07. Although Macklin isn't going to instantly become the starter for the Redskins -- nor is he the answer for the long term future (Macklin turns 29 in a few months) -- he's no Kenny Wright. Take his best years (2004-2005) for instance:

2004 Arizona Cardinals 74 tackles 0.5 sacks 4 picks 12 passes defensed
2005 Arizona Cardinals 61 tackles 2 picks (with a touchdown) and 15 passes defensed

Kenny Wright doesn't come close. Ditto Mike Rumph.

What does this mean? More depth at Corner is never something to complain about, especially when he's on the cheap (as cheap as League rules permit) and has proven signs of consistent good play in his career. He'll join Fred Smoot as a Free Agent acquisition to replace outgoing Kenny Wright and Mike Rumph. Even if Shawn Springs repeats '06 by missing large chunks of time this year, I'm far more confident with the personnel we have on hand now.

Welcome to the Redskins, David Macklin.

Update [2007-4-5 17:59:5 by Skin Patrol]: And it is Official.
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