Preseason Predictions Roundup

Later today, we'll already start to have a sense of what teams will really do this year in the NFL. Some teams will score upsets, there will be some blowouts, someone will win the battle of the Mannings.

But right now it's still a clean slate, and we can all dream. So in case you missed them, here's a summary of some major outlets' preseason predictions.

  • picked the Skins to finish first in their division, with all four teams going 9-7; however, two other SI writers have the 'Skins finishing second (9-7) and last (8-8)
  • both Prisco and Judge pick the 'Skins to finish 4th (what are these guys smoking, and can I get some?)
  • Of's 12 experts' picks, 6 take the Cowboys, 3 pick the Redskins, 2 tap the Giants, and one loner likes the Eagles; in editorial content however, ESPN picks the Redskins second and making the playoffs as a Wild Card
  • Fox Sports doesn't really have their act together. They have capsule reviews of the NFC Beast, and you have to click on "Inside Slant" to get season predictions. So you do that, and you see them predicting both the Giants and Cowboys finishing first, the Eagles finishing second, and the Redskins finishing second in the NFC Central. Oh yeah, and all four teams make the playoffs. Yeeha! Wake up Fox Sports!
  • USA Today puts us at an unglamorous third place, finishing 7-9
  • also picks the Skins to finish third
All over the place, right? The one consistency of all these predicitons is this: Everyone mentions the 'Skins preseason one way or the other. I can't imagine why so many "experts" would place so much emphasis on preseason games, but there ya go. I will say, as i've said before, that preseason games don't worry me one bit.

If we don't score at least 21 points against the sad-sack Vikings on Monday night, at home, on September 11, then I'll start to be worried.

But even then, not too much. Because if Gibbs has shown anything over his career, it's that he's willing to adjust and learn. This team could be 0-3 at the end of September, and I'd still have faith that we'd make the playoffs.

Am I just a fool? We'll know more Tuesday morning.  

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